Erik L. Arneson - Curriculum Vitae



  • Ashland Lodge No. 23, Grand Lodge AF&AM of Oregon
    • Past Master, 2006
  • Kenton Lodge No. 145, Grand Lodge AF&AM of Oregon
    • Secretary and Trustee, 2012 & 2014
  • Esoterika Lodge No. 227, Grand Lodge AF&AM of Oregon
    • Junior Warden, 2014
  • Siskiyou Chapter No. 4 Royal Arch Masons of Oregon
    • Past High Priest, 2005, 2007, 2008
  • Founding member of Meridian Chapter No. 60 Royal Arch Masons of Oregon, a European Concept chapter.
  • Lewis & Clark Chapter of the Philalethes Society
    • Founding member
    • Secretary/Treasurer, 2014/15
  • Member of the Scottish Rite Research Society


  • Editor, Philalethes E-Bulletin, from January 2014.
  • The Memory Lodge: Practicing the Art of Memory, Ahiman: A Review of Masonic Culture & Tradition, Plumbstone, 2010, Volume I.
  • About Alchemy, Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research & Letters, Spring 2012.
  • The Fantastical Worlds of Carl H. Claudy: A Masonic Leader's Adventures in Speculative Fiction, Philalethes, Summer 2012.
  • Review: The Better Angels of our Nature, Philalethes, Summer 2010.
  • Review: A Radical in the East, Second Edition, Philalethes, Fall 2010.
  • Review: The Royal Arch Journey, Philalethes, Winter 2011.
  • Review: A Guide to Masonic Symbolism, Philalethes, Fall 2011.
  • Feature Review: Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: Annotated Edition, Philalethes, Winter 2012.
  • Review: Opererative Freemasonry: A Manual for Restoring Light and Vitality to the Fraternity, Philalethes, Spring 2012.
  • Review: The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge, Philalethes, Winter 2013.
  • Review: Secret Societies in America, Philalethes, Spring 2013.
  • Review: The Mason’s Words: The History and Evolution of the American Masonic Ritual, Philalethes, Summer 2013.
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  • The Art of Memory: History and Practice, Esoterika Lodge No. 227, Spring Equinox, 2012.
  • Men of Letters, Men of God, Esoterika Lodge No. 227, Spring Equinox, 2013.



The following are non-Masonic credentials that I am happy to possess.



  • Various articles in Southern Oregon Magazine, Spring and Summer 2010


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