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Erik's Masonic Journey

Mon, 04 Jun 2001

The study group was a great success! W:.B:. Ralph Herbold from the Southern California Research Lodge attended, and we discussed various matters, including the meaning of secrecy in our Blue Lodge obligations. It turns out that those "arts, parts, and points" actually exist! I never knew that. Nobody even told me! They are extremely difficult to track down, but I encourage all of you to visit your lodge's library and look them up in a Masonic encyclopedia.

Our next study group will be on Monday, the 18th of June. We are encouraging all Masons to attend. If you don't know where the Ashland Masonic Center is, but would like to show up at the meeting, please drop me an e-mail at erik@aarg.net. We will be discussing the Entered Apprentice degree.

One last thing. I recently came across the website for Benjamin B. French Lodge No. 15 in Washington, DC. Please check it out! I am very envious of their schedule. It sounds like their meetings are packed full of interesting speakers and education. If only they were over here in Oregon!

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