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Erik's Masonic Journey

Mon, 07 Aug 2000

Let me start the week with some excellent news. This Friday I will be receiving my Fellowcraft degree at the Medford Masonic Lodge! I'm very excited about this. I spoke with the Worshipful Master of the Medford lodge at the annual Ashland Lodge picnic yesterday, and he told me that they will be giving the Fellowcraft to another Mason as well. In anticipation, I took my suit pants to the dry cleaners. If any Mason reading this page is in Southern Oregon or wants to drive up here to see the ceremony, please e-mail me and ask for more specific directions and information.

I have found a few fraternal supply houses on the web. lostword.com seems to have a good selection, although the prices are a bit higher than I hoped. All Things Masonic likewise has an excellent collection of Masonic paraphenelia. I just ordered some things from them, so I'll be sure to let everybody know how their service is once my order gets here. Last, but not least, Michael Poll Publishing sells out-of-print and collectible Masonic books. They also publish new Masonic books, so those interested should definitely check them out!

Michael Poll Publishing also has an excellent collection of links, which you can find on this page. I also came across this very beautiful page for the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. It looks like it'd be a very nice place to visit.

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